Penis pumps are one of the most viewed items on my sex toy store. I frequently get a multitude of questions from potential buyers. People wonder if they are safe, if they should buy them and what do they do? As with many products designed for men, there is a taboo around penis pumps and they often become the target of jokes and myths. In my opinion, penis pumps are less of a sex toy and more a sexual health and wellness product.

What is a penis pump?

Also called a vacuum erection device, the penis pump uses suction to draw blood into the penis. As the blood is drawn into the blood vessels in the penis, you will notice that your penis becomes harder and slightly larger. This change is temporary. Most often they are used with a cock ring at the base of the penis to help maintain the erection.

Do they actually work?

The answer to that questions depends on your goal when purchasing the pump. They are often marketed as “penis enlargers”. While that is true, to an extent, the increase in size is minimal and temporary. Once the erection is gone, your penis will return to it’s normal size and shape. Some manufacturers or sellers will claim that a man can see an increase in size permanently with continued use. That is false.  The only permanent solution to increasing penis size is surgery.

If used for erectile dysfunction they can be a great tool. For individuals with ED, pumps are a relatively inexpensive option and can be used with prescription medication, such as Viagra or Cialis. They can be used multiple times a day and do not have the side effects that medications do, such as blurred vision, dizziness, etc. ED medications take 40-60 minutes to take effect but the pump can achieve an erection in minutes.

How are they used?

Whether you purchase one that’s got all the bells and whistles or one that is inexpensive, they all have the same basic mechanism.

  1. Each pump has a cylinder, or tube, that the penis is placed inside of.
  2. Depending on which product you purchased, you will pump out the air either by hand pump or electric pump.
  3. Once you have an erection the pump is removed.
  4. After removal is the step that you would apply the cock ring, if you chose.

Are there any precautions that need to be taken?

Absolutely! Use a small amount of lube when inserting your penis into the pump. Not only will this make the process more comfortable but it will help create a good seal.  Trim or shave your pubic hair prior to use. Of all customers who have been dissatisfied with a penis pump, this is the number one reason. Nothing shrinks an erection like pulling on pubic hair. If you chose to use a cock ring, do not leave it on for more than thirty minutes.

Can they cause damage?

This is an incredibly common myth and is a large reason so many men avoid using them. Pumps have evolved over the years and, if used correctly, are not harmful. Proper and safe usage should never cause problems or damage.

The bottom line is penis pumps work. They may never give you the humongous penis you’ve always fantasized about but they do help with achieving and maintaining an erection and can be a great tool to enhance your sex life!

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