If you are reading this post, I assume there is a good chance you have browsed a few and found yourself intrigued but hesitant because maybe you aren’t sure they are worth the money. The answer is, YES! If you take the time to find the right one that works for you, they are worth every penny.

Let’s explore how and why these toys can be a worthwhile investment in improving your sex life!

What Is A Pocket Pussy Exactly?

Although the term pocket pussy implies vagina, is a term that’s used broadly for male masturbators but not all look like a pussy. Male masturbators include strokers and sleeves as well. There are masturbators that mimic a pussy such as these, https://www.thewonderlandco.com/collections/pussy-masturbators. Some are shaped like a mouth and may even have lips https://www.thewonderlandco.com/collections/mouth-masturbators. Others look and feel like the anal opening https://www.thewonderlandco.com/collections/realistic-butts. If you have a favorite porn star, chances are good you can purchase a pocket pussy that is modeled after their actual anatomy. There are people who prefer their masturbator not have any lifelike detail such as these, https://www.thewonderlandco.com/collections/sleeves-cups. If you want to sit back and enjoy the sensation, there are hands free options as well https://www.thewonderlandco.com/collections/automatic-strokers.

Do Pocket Pussies Feel Good?

The definite answer is, YES! Let’s be honest, I am an encourager of masturbation but using your hand can get a little old. Women use vibrators to get the job done so why shouldn’t men have something to help them?

The magic of a pocket pussy is the simulate the sensation of sex. As we discussed before, they are designed to mimic oral, anal and vaginal sex. You can get them with a variety of textures on the inside of the stroker, which gives you maximum stimulation. If you like a lot of suction, a closed ended masturbator would give you lots of suction that would increase with your stroke. On the other hand, if you prefer light to minimal suction they come in open ended designs as well.

For extra stimulation, you can get a stroker that vibrates and some are even heated. To get the most satisfaction out of your pocket pussy, you should always use a high quality, compatible lube. Lubes not only decrease friction but will make your pocket pussy last longer.  

If you’ve read this far and you’re still not sold, let’s talk about some of the reasons pocket pussies are worth it.

Trying Out New Things

I talk to a lot of people about sex and I have yet to meet someone who has tried everything. Maybe you want to try something new and you aren’t ready to bring it up to your partner? A pocket pussy may be a good way to test it out before telling them. It could be as simple as wanting to try a new or warming lube.


Masturbators are discreet. Their size and shape makes them easy to store in a drawer or box in the closet, etc. There are options in the sleeves that mimic other shapes, so if someone were to stumble upon it, it’s unlikely they would know what it was. I have a client who has a high end masturbator that looks like art and he keeps it out in the open.  True story!

Many pocket pussies don’t make a lot of noise and can be used without roommates hearing, as long as you stay quiet!


Because of their size, pocket pussies are easily portable. Do you have a job that requires you to travel? They fit quite well in any suitcase. I promise you, airline employees have seen many pocket pussies in suitcases. So if you are sweating going through baggage scan, it won’t phase them!

They Increase Your Stamina

If you follow me, you know I am a proponent of masturbation. Masturbation has so many health benefits, including stress relief but it also increases sexual stamina. Masturbation actually increases stamina for your next roll in the hay. Many women discourage their partner from masturbating because it makes them feel that they aren’t meeting your needs.  If you partner doesn’t encourage you to masturbate, show them this or have them email me!

Pocket Pussies Are Always Ready

While nothing replaces the real thing, sometimes we don’t have time to engage in a romp with our partners. Other times we may just want to have a quick release or your partner isn’t available to meet our needs. Pocket pussies are never not in the mood and don’t require any foreplay.

They Come In All Price Ranges

As with all sex toys, there is a range of prices. I carry masturbators for as low as $5 to as high as $1200 and all in between. Realistically, you can find a good, high quality toy for a reasonable price. Some people invest in many and others just have one. Some people like to have different ones for different sensations. My biggest advice would be to read all the product details before you purchase. There are products that are designed to last so long that you can order replacement parts and others that are one time use.

They Are Easy To Clean

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, are pocket pussies hard to clean? No, they are fairly simple to clean. You can purchase a toy cleaner or just use mild soap and water to clean the inside. After cleaning, make sure you dry it well and store in a clean, dry area.

So, again, are pocket pussies worth it? Absolutely, yes! While it may feel a little bit awkward using one at first, once you get the hang of it, you won’t regret it!

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