It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Google. All of the answers to our questions are just a few keyboard clicks away. It’s not surprising that people take to the tried and true method for answer seeking and ask the questions that they are afraid, ashamed or too embarrassed to ask anyone else. Interestingly, a lot of these, I’ve written about. I’ve looked up ten of the most googled sex questions and, without further ado, here they are.

  1. Where is the G-Spot?

I have previously written, hoping to answer this question and lead someone out there into more orgasms, and here is a more detailed answer: .

  • How to make a woman orgasm?

As a woman myself, I think this question should be number one. I’ll admit, that may be a little selfish of me. You guessed it…..I’ve written about this one too. . If you are an overachiever, here are my tips for giving a woman multiple orgasms. .

  • Can you get rid of herpes?

The sort answer is, no. While you may not always have an active outbreak, you still have herpes and can transmit it. This is one of the reasons why using a barrier method contraceptive, like condoms, is important during sex.  However, there is medication that can be taken to minimize the symptoms.

  • What is the clap?

When I was doing my research, I thought these would be sexier. Even though it may not be sexy, it is important. The clap is a slang term for a sexually transmitted infection, or STI, called Gonorrhea. It is a treatable infection that affects both male and females and most commonly affects the urethra, rectum or throat. It is most commonly spread during oral, anal or vaginal sex.

  • How to get a bigger penis?

Oh boys, we really wish you would learn to love you penis the way it is. If you have a partner, chances are they are with you because they love your penis the way it is. My area of expertise is sex toys. If you have asked this question, then you have probably considered buying a penis pump. If that is you, I have a more detailed answer for you. .

 If you are having issues with erectile dysfunction, that is another issue and there are several options out there. Those should be discussed with your doctor.

  • How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

I can only speak for the U.S. and there are no age restrictions to purchase condoms. Please see questions #3 and #4 and go buy the condoms!

  • How to put a penis in a vagina?


  • How to measure your penis?
    As I said before, your penis is perfect the way it is. However, if you dead set on measuring, there are two ways to measure your penis. There is the size when it is flaccid/soft and when it is erect/hard.

To measure the length of your flaccid penis, measure from the base, or where your penis meets your groin, to the tip of the head with a tape measure or ruler. That is the length. To measure the girth, you will need a tape measure and measure around the around your penis.

To measure the length and girl of you erect penis, get your penis hard and do all of that again.

  •  How long does sex last.

With foreplay included, the average roll in the hay is twenty eight minutes. When it comes to penetration, the average time is 5.4 minutes. How do you rate?

  1.  How long is an orgasm?

This is a great question, in my opinion. Ladies, we have a pretty serious orgasmic advantage. I will admit, it is great to be a woman. Especially given that we are able to have multiple orgasms and g-spot orgasms. On top of that, the average orgasm for a woman lasts around 20 seconds while a man’s last an average of 6 seconds.

Hopefully, that answered some of most asked sex questions. If you have one and would like an answer, you can email me at or just ask our friend, Google.

Stay safe and sexy!


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