We aren’t talking about the whipped cream bikini in this post but there are plenty of foods that you can use to enhance your sex life.

Overall, a healthy diet is an important part of achieving and maintaining a healthy sex life. A healthy diet can help you feel good mentally and physically. A nutrient rich diet can also help improve stamina, libido and decrease disorders and hormonal imbalances that have a negative impact on sexual function.

Are there specific foods that can boost your sex life? Yes!

The absolute, most common food on this list is oysters. It is a well known fact that oysters are an aphrodisiac but most people don’t know why. The reason for this is that oysters are high in zinc. In fact, oysters contain more zinc than any other food, more than 600% of the daily recommended dose. This is especially important to men as zinc deficiency has been shown to have an effect on testosterone levels. Zinc also increases blood flow which can help increase blood flow to all the right places.

Don’t like oysters? Crab and lobster are also high in zinc. There are plenty of zinc supplements sold over the counter as well as other foods high in zinc such as fortified cereals, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Next on the list, amino acids. Amino acids are what is left after protein is broken down. Chicken, pork and beef are high protein foods. Amino acids are another compound that can help increase blood flow and amino acids have been shown to treat mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

I would caution everyone to avoid a high intake of red meat and eat protein moderately. For vegans or vegetarians, amino acids can be food in many dairy products and whole grains. Branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) are sold as supplements, commonly used by bodybuilders.

When you are having a snack craving, ditch the chips and candy and snack on a handful of seeds or nuts. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts, to name a few, are high in zinc and L-arginine. L-arginine is, you guessed it, an amino acid.

Everyone knows the old saying “an apple a day” but it doesn’t just keep the doctor away. Apples are great for your sex life. Apples are full of an antioxidant called, quercetin. Quercetin does has many benefits and is known to increase circulation and treat erectile dysfunction. Quercetin can also lower blood pressure and high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of ED. High blood pressure doesn’t just effect men sexually. High blood pressure in women can lower libido, cause tiredness or fatigue and decrease blood flow to her sexual organs.

Another great source of quercetin is red wine. Studies have shown that moderate consumption of red wine on a regular basis in women increased sex drive, increased lubrication and they reported higher rates of arousal. Be mindful though as too much alcohol can have the opposite effect.

Your mom was onto something years ago when she told you to eat your greens. Foods like spinach, lettuce, celery and arugula are high in nitrates. Nitrates in your diet help with vasodilation, or expansion of your blood vessels. Vasodilation can help reduce or regulate blood pressure. Nitrates can improve blood flow and increase your stamina. Other nitrate rich foods include beets and radishes.

The bottom line is that diet alone cannot boost your sex life. However, a healthy diet is not only great for your overall health, it can help to improve your sex life. If you are experiencing difficulty with erections, pain during intercourse or any type of sexual dysfunction, you should always discuss with your doctor.

Stay safe and sexy!



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