Whether we openly admit it or not, sex is one of the most important areas of our lives. It’s an area that we want to continuously grow, learn and get better…..or at least we should. There is nothing worse than a mundane, monotonous sex life. Whether it’s to increase your pleasure, enhance your partner’s experience or just learn some new tricks, here are a few things to try to increase your sexual stamina.

First things first, if you are having issues with stamina, decreased libido or difficulty achieving an orgasm, visit your doctor. As a woman, I cannot stress this enough to other women. Our culture has not been as friendly and open about this topic to women. Men are more likely to see a doctor do discuss issues like ED but a lot of women suffer in silence. We tend to take it personal or assume something is wrong with us but that isn’t the case. There may be viable solutions to your problem and your doctor can help.

Let’s take a dive into something that has been  proven to decrease stamina and sexual performance….alcohol. A little alcohol can help to relax you and lower inhibitions but too much alcohol can decrease sexual performance. Alcohol can significantly suppress your libido and can make orgasm difficult to achieve for both men and women. Hence the phrase “whiskey dick”.  Let’s face it, while intimacy is a great thing, we all want that big O.

Improving overall health will pack a big punch in the bedroom. Getting at least 30 minutes a day of cardio will improve health, lower blood pressure and cardiovascular risks. A healthy, balanced diet will help with energy levels and ensure your body is ready for all the extra demands an active sex life has.

We can’t talk about our physical health and overlook our mental health. Mental health and stress level is equally as important to maintaining a healthy sex drive. Stress and sex have an interesting relationship as sex has shown to reduce stress. If you are having trouble maintaining an erection first speak with you doctor then try reducing external stressors and quit worrying as much. Worrying about maintaining an erection will only make the problem worse.

Ensure that you have open communication with your partner. Scrutinizing your own sexual performance or having a partner that is critical will only create more tension and stress in the relationship. If you are having an issue with stamina or erection specifically, keep in mind that there are many ways to achieve an orgasm and all can be just as fulfilling, if not more, than an orgasm from penetration. If you are a man and your partner is female, there is a high probability she isn’t cumming from penetration to begin with. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog pos thttps://www.thewonderlandco.com/blogs/sex-tips-and-advice/how-to-make-a-woman-orgasm, a large percentage of women do not achieve orgasms that way.

Masturbate. Yes, you read that right, masturbate. Masturbation is a way to increase sexual stamina. Ladies, don’t discourage your man from masturbating. It doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in you and it will enhance the sex you have together. You can spice it up with some male masturbators. https://www.thewonderlandco.com/pages/male-masturbators

As always,

Be safe and stay sexy!



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