Let’s all admit that being stuck inside during quarantine is no fun. What better way to pass the time and get a little exercise in than engage in sex….but you ask, how do we stay safe? I think it’s important to point out that COVID is not sexually transmitted but can be transmitted through normal acts of intimacy such as kissing and oral sex.

Let’s talk a bit about the safest option, masturbation of self-stimulation. Masturbation is hands down the safest way to engage in sex and not expose yourself to COVID.  It’s entire possible to keep this risk to literally zero and enlist a partner if you are willing and ready to explore webcams and phone.  This option can be tantalizing and exciting, especially if it is something new for you and your partner. This is an easy way to stay connected when you are physically disconnected.

Your next best option is to simply have sex with someone you live with. You are in close proximity and any potential risk of exposure is likely to happen, sex or not. COVID has not been found to be in vaginal fluid but has been shown in feces, so be mindful of any oral to anal play.

What about sex with someone I don’t live with. This is the area that I would recommend using an abundance of caution. Importantly, ensure that you are not showing active symptoms of COVID or do not have recent confirmed exposure. Also, people in high risk categories should weight the risks and benefits. If you are going to hook up with someone outside your home, here are a few tips I would recommend:

  • Shower before and after sex with soap and water.
  • Use condoms/dental dams…this is an not just exclusive to COVID and, in general, may save you a trip to the doctor.
  • Avoid kissing or oral/anal play
  • Try mutual masturbation instead of penetration
  • Utilize other types of foreplay that do not include kissing/saliva
  • Reduce the number of sexual partners you are meeting with during this pandemic
  • Clean your sex toys with soap and water or a anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful and you can have a little fun during this trying time. Stay safe, sexy and happy!


Published by That Bitch On The Net

Woman, mom, author....oh, and I sell sex toys!

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