Most of the time when I mention cervical orgasm it is met with blank stares and looks of confusion.  I think to myself, certainly other people know about this. Then I remind myself one of the most googled questions around the world is “How to insert a penis in a vagina”.  Sad but true. To be fair, most people only hear mention of their cervix at the Gynecologist office.  When I think about it like that, I’m not really surprised this wonderful thing isn’t widely known. I will admit that there was a time I didn’t know what it was too.

If you’ve had one, you definitely know what a cervical orgasm is, even if you aren’t exactly sure you are having one. I count myself lucky to be one of the women who is able to have orgasms a multitude of  ways.  I must have done something good in a past life or great karma, I don’t know. But I’m utterly thankful. The first time I had experienced a cervical orgasm was with my current partner/husband. They were incredible and I knew they were intense but it didn’t know exactly what they were for some time.

What Are Cervical Orgasms Exactly?

A cervical orgasm begins with stimulation of the cervix. The cervix is located inside the vagina at the base of the uterus.  Where you can locate a woman’s cervix will depend on where she is in her monthly cycle.  At certain times the cervix will be high, meaning deeper in the vagina and other times will be quite low. When a woman is turned on the vagina will elongate and pull the cervix further into her vagina as well.  I know this isn’t the sexiest description but trust me on this. A little Biology/Anatomy lesson now will pay dividends in the long run!

How Do I Know I’ve Found The Cervix?

I will start by saying that we don’t make things easy for you guys. Us women are complicated beings and our cervix is no exception. Just as it’s position will change due to hormones, it’s appearance will change and will feel different to the touch.  The cervix looks like a smooth and fleshy “O  with a whole in the middle. It’s also about an inch in diameter.  As a woman in closer to ovulating it will become softer, sort of like your ear lobe, and higher in the vagina. Other times it may be hard like the tip of your nose and lower.  These changes are a big reason why some sex positions feel different at times.

So You Found It. What Now?

Many people don’t realize it but the cervix has tons of nerve pathways. So, when it’s stimulated correctly, it can lead to some of the most intense orgasms a woman can have. In my experience it is like a full body orgasm. You can stimulate the cervix with fingers a penis or When it comes to cervical stimulation, there is definitely a right way to do it.

Start with gentle pressure and increase as she likes it.  While it may be different for everyone, hard pounding and thrusting do not lead to this mind blowing orgasm for me. My partner will penetrate deeply and grind slowly against my cervix. This will make me go crazy….and he knows it! It almost always ends with me squeezing and clutching any part of his body I can and digging my nails in deep to hang on while intense orgasmic waves consume my entire body. He is fully aware of what he’s doing because when I am starting to come down I notice his wicked smile he can’t control. He knows it makes me cum hard and he’s proud of himself. And damn, he should be!

What If I’m Having Trouble Reaching The Cervix?

As we talked about before, vagina’s elongate when the woman is aroused so it is not uncommon to have some difficulty reaching the cervix and being able to maintain constant pressure. There are products available that can help give you a little extra length to help her have a cervical orgasm.

What Else You Should Know

Cervical stimulation is incredibly safe. Lots of foreplay beforehand will relax her and she will be more open to deep penetration. . Just as with any body part that has a lot of nerves, too much stimulation can be painful. Every woman will like different levels of stimulation. That is why gentle stimulation, stroking and pressure works the best for trying to achieve this orgasms.  Pain is often an indicator that something is wrong, so if it hurts, stop. If you are having what you think is abnormal pain you should see your OBGYN to get reassured.

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