How To Improve Your Nude Selfie Game

Nude selfies. For some reason, most of us cringe when we hear those two words, almost as much as “dick pic” but in reality a lot of us are taking them. According to  40% of people ages 18-24 and 25% of people aged 45 and above are taking frequent nude selfies. If you’re not in that group, maybe you should consider it, they’re incredibly sexy.  What is sexier than appreciating what your body looks like in the buff, documenting it and sending it to your unsuspecting partner? I guess seeing it in person but you get my point.

A Little Disclaimer

 Speaking of unsuspecting, before we start with our nude selfie tips I want to put this disclaimer out there. A few times I have been guilty of sending my partner a nude and not forewarning him. That has led to him opening a few at some pretty inopportune times. Don’t do that folks, learn from my mistakes. Now let’s talk about how you can up your nude selfie game


I know we are talking about nude selfies but sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can have your partner so turned on all day that they will want to rip whatever piece of clothing you left on off of you as soon as they walk in the door.  Maybe it’s a hard nipple pressed up against a sheer shirt or the bottom of ass cheeks hanging out of a skirt while you’re bent over. And guys, maybe you’re hard and want to show your partner. So a nice steamy pic of your erection pressed up against your jeans or boxers. Fellas, we like that!

Location, Location, Location

I will be the first to admit, a lot of mine are taken in the bedroom or bathroom. Why? It’s easy and those are the places we are usually naked. Mix it up. Set the timer on your phone and bend over the couch. You will have your partner wanting to come home and fuck you right there. A quick picture up your skirt at your desk, locker room at the gym, a little quick shot down your shirt at a red light? The possibilities are endless but the spontaneity will drive your partner insane and let them know you were thinking about them beyond the bedroom.


I sell sex toys so the number one, obvious thing I’m going to say is, sex toys. Even if I didn’t sell them, it seems like a no brainer.  Combine this with our first tip, clothing, pull your panties to the side and slide a dildo in and you have pretty hot picture. I am almost certain most men enjoy thinking about their woman masturbating so this one is a win-win. Mirrors are another wonderful prop to think about when taking a nude selfie. Bend over and put the camera between your legs.  Your partner will get to enjoy full nudity and your face. With the right angle you can pretty much get everything in one shot.

Get handsy. Your hands are the easiest and most readily available props you can use. You can use them to accentuate an area, link squeezing or pushing up your breasts to even pointing. When your partner sees your hands on your body the will inevitably find themselves daydreaming about touching you in those places. You can even use this to entice your lover to touch you in a place they don’t normally. The power of suggestion is real.

The Absolute Most Important Part

Be confident and love your body. Your partner is with you because they find you incredibly, undeniably sexy. The truth is, all of the parts of your body that you are insecure about are probably the things that they love. Don’t be afraid to show those areas. All the dimples, stretch marks etc. are things that we care about, not our partners. I guarantee they love looking at every inch of your naked body.


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