Would this really be a sex blog if we didn’t talk about the elusive G Spot? Many laymen and researchers alike have often debated if this mysterious body part even exists. Women who have claim to have G Spot orgasms will passionately take on the naysayers and defend this sacred place.

 So, is it real and what is it?

The G Spot, short for Grafenburg Spot, was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple. Dr. Whipple found that when using a “come here” motion along the inside of the vagina , it produced a physical response in women. In 2017, a group of scientists attempted to locate the G Spot but weren’t able to find a distinct part of the anatomy. What they found was, rather than being it’s own, independent part of the woman’s body, it was actually an extension of the nerves from the clitoris that are four inches long. Similar to roots. When stimulated it can cause female ejaculation (also real and this wonderful topic definitely deserves it’s own blog).

How do you find the G Spot?

If you have tried to find the G Spot, it’s not an easy task. But…a little exploration can reap wonderful rewards. My biggest piece of advice, as always, is to remember that everyone of us women are different. Also the G Spot isn’t a magic button or switch. To get a full g-spot orgasm, it is important that she be turned on before you start to explore. Don’t skimp on the foreplay if you are going for a g-spot orgasm or you may come up emptyhanded, so to speak. Start by massaging the opening of the vagina and working your way in. Explore with fingers before you move onto toys. Massage the upper wall of the vagina with light pressure. This is typically where the G Spot will be found, 2-3 inches in the upper wall of the vagina.

Think you found it?

Once you’ve found this amazing spot, try different levels of pressure and touch. Some women like the traditional “come hither” motion while other’s like a continuous pressure. Some like a rougher approach while others are more sensitive.

Not all women experience this stimulation so if you are trying and can’t find it, don’t get frustrated. There are so many other erogenous zones that will are happily waiting to be stimulated.  For positions that best stimulate the G Spot, read my blog post on female orgasms here: 


G-Spot Toys

These gems were made with one purpose in mind, stimulate the G Spot. If your goal is to G-Spot stimulation, these toys are the holy grail. They come in various shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Some may vibrate and others not but if you are able get off this way, these will do wonders. Some options can be found here:

Rabbit Vibrators

If you are looking for maximum stimulation, the rabbit vibrator is a must try product. For someone looking for a toy on the larger size, you might not immediately see the appeal but don’t discount these tantalizing toys. A lot of them have a very specific curve a few inches in and this is perfect for g-spot stimulation while simultaneously providing the clitoral stimulation of the rabbit. There are many styles of rabbit vibrators.


The most important thing to remember is, despite what the media says, sex isn’t always easy or quick. The pressure put of women because of the misconception makes it even harder to have an orgasm. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. Sex and orgasms are not a one size fits all, so take your time, be patient and have as many orgasms as possible!




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